Why I'm for running for Port Commissioner


Living here in King County with my wife and children, I am passionate about protecting working people’s rights and our environment. As a refugee from violence and civil war in Somalia, I would lay awake at night in a Kenyan refugee camp believing that anyone who comes here and works hard can achieve the American Dream.

Now, as a proud citizen of this country who has gone from working in a chicken processing factory to college, I’m running for Port Commissioner because it’s clear that the Port and many current commissioners are blocking the road to the American Dream for many others.

Port Commissioners fought against providing paid sick leave, job protections and a $15 minimum wage for thousands of airport workers. They voted to let the Shell Oil drilling platform into our beautiful Puget Sound. They don’t think twice about replacing family wage union jobs with interns or looking the other way when Port staff and the CEO don’t follow the rules.

These are not King County’s or America’s values.


I believe that people who work hard deserve a fair wage, that we all have a right to clean water and clean air, and that everyone- especially public officials - should play by the rules. I will fight hard to represent the voices of working people and the communities directly impacted by the Port’s pollution. And I will hold our public Port of Seattle accountable to the public.

Endorsements: I am proud to be endorsed by leaders like Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal, State Senator Rebecca Saldana, State and Senator Bob Hasegawa, The Stranger, Seattle Weekly, King County Democrats, King County Young Democrats, and other Democrats like the 32nd, 36th and 46th LD Democrats, as well as unions like Teamsters 117, SEIU6, and SEIU 775. 

Community Service: Seattle Housing Authority Board Commissioner; Somali Community Services